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Gallards are the leaders in the industry that have passion for the industry we service.

Gallards had its origins back in 2002 when John Gallard saw the need to maintain and replant aging orchards.

A third generation grower, John faced the same issues as many other growers....he needed to prune his citrus trees, but getting rid of the prunings was an arduous task only done by heavy slashers or flail mowers. The other option was to push the cuttings out and burn them. This led to the purchase of our first forestry mulcher which was coupled to a 125hp tractor, a combination that had never been seen before in an orchard. Due to ongoing demand we have now 7 mulcher/shredders ranging from 125 hp to 450 hp. Our company has a zero burn policy, keeping all organic materials to help build organic carbon levels in the soil.

Mechanical Pruning has also become an important aspect of maintaining tree health and structure for harvesting and with the 8 Afron hedgers/toppers/skirters in our range we have a machine to suit orchards of all sizes, from small to large corporate companies.

Today Gallards have expanded its services to offer MULCHING, MECHANICAL PRUNING, HAND PRUNING and GROUND PREPARATION utilising an extensive range of equipment. 

Gallards believe in only using the most reliable cost effective machinery and thats the reason we are the agents for  Air O Fan sprayers and Afron Mechanical Pruners

Gallards have introduced technology from all over the world enabling us to do operations that have never been achieved or seen here in Australia before.

It has taken 30 years of experience to build a company that can service you from ground preparation to harvest.

We strive to create cost effective and beneficial operational practices for the environment and our customers.


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