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    Allowing sunlight into your trees
    Easy for machinery access, resulting in better fruit quality
    Control tree growth
    Cost effective to prune
    Maintain tree health
    Makes harvesting easier
By controlling the growth of your trees, you are able to extend the life of the tree, meaning better crops for greater periods of time before replanting becomes necessary. Hedging is an integral component of orchard and plantation maintenance, resulting in a better quality of fruit overall.


    Stump Grinding
    Tree Removal
    Orchard Removal
    Mulch Pruning
Mulching organic material and returning it to the soil will have long-lasting positive outcomes for any plantation. The nutrients from on-site mulching are able to convert previously grown land to be as effective as virgin soil.


Deep ripping involves the use of strong deep working tines that penetrate the compacted soil and mechanically break up and shatter the soil hard pan. Deep ripping is most effective in deep sandy-textured soils where roots need to grow deep to access subsoil moisture. Deep ripping is of particular benefit when it is used to break through a compacted pan or distinct constraining layer, allowing root access to unconstrained soil water beneath this layer.
Grading / Land Levelling
Speed Tilling
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